Robbe Ronaldine am Ball


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audio play & storybook (21x21 cm, 48 pages, hardcover)

music & arrangements: Siegmund Andraschek – >>>

text & speaker: Thomas Schiretz

illustrations: Rupert Hörbst – >>>

copyright 2010 by pettermusic


  1. In Grönland (audio play in german) >>>>
  2. Die Flaschenpost (audio play in german) >>>>
  3. Kanarische Inseln (audio play in german) >>>>
  4. Auf nach Afrika! (audio play in german) >>>>
  5. Arktika
  6. Ronaldine
  7. Over The Waves
  8. Party Time
  9. Black And White >>>>
  10. Runis Theme >>>>
  11. Spirit Of Africa
  12. Fit For Fun
  13. Triumph Fanfare
  14. La Wummba
  15. Jazzy >>>>

Ronaldine, the only albino seal on Greenland, is, like all the other seals, an enthusiastic tail-ball player and saxophonist. One day, the southern seals call their northern relatives for help in a message-in-a-bottle: They need support for the Tail-ball World Cup that is to take place in South Africa. On her adventurous trip down South, Ronaldine becomes friends with a black sheep who suffers also from her otherness. As Ronaldine is denied the right to play at the World Cup because of her white fur, the black sheep helps her out of the fix. Will Ronaldine still be able to help the Seal team win the world championship?

A touching story about true friendship and the overcoming of prejudices, where the saxophone-playing heroes arouse interest in this instrument.


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(in german)

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