Portrait Ensemble


A saxophone quartet is an unusual and rare chamber music formation. Not much is known about this special combination of instruments. And this is just as well, as, with SAXOFOURTE, you might as well forget whatever you thought you knew!
SAXOFOURTE is different. SAXOFOURTE has turned a basic saxophone quartet formula – two woman, two men and four saxophones – into a musical phenomenon which will win over every audience member.

SAXOFOURTE comprises four excellent musicians, all classically trained and united through their common passion for the new and previously unheard. Four musical adventurers who willingly ignore conventions, transcend the boundaries of familiar genres and strive to radically redefine the concept of “cross-over”.

SAXOFOURTE's audiences won't believe their ears: the four musicians willingly turn musical principles upside down and artfully devise whole new sound worlds. Sometimes they sound like a chamber orchestra, at other times you will think you have heard a big band. The sound changes effortlessly from sensually warm to cuttingly harsh. Their repertoire reaches from classical music to avantgarde, from Bach to Zappa, from Piazzolla to Michael Nyman...

… and back.