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Saxofourte-Akademie 2016

at BDB-Akademie Staufen, 18-20th march, photos from Sandra Bleuler - Thank you very much!

Concert at the fantastic gothic cloister of Alpirsbach


Saxofourte at the World Saxophone Congres "Saxopen" 2015 at Strasbourg

Concert with the Polizeiorchester Bayern under the direction of Prof. Johann Mösenbichler and participation at the event

"Experience something new" with YAMAHA

"Happy Birthday Adolphe Sax" with Stadtmusik Neustadt (Schwarzwald) 05.-07.12.2014

Thank you, Peter Ludorf and Thomas Vogelbacher for your fotos!

Concert with the Oboenensemble Concert Royal Köln at Niederstetten

Many thanks at Wernhild Baars and Ralf Müller for the fotos

Saxofourte at Festival Mid Europe at Schladming 2014

Thank you to Mid Europe and Christoph Draxl for your fotos

Project with the wind orchestra WiBraPhon

Concerts and masterclass in Franconia

Saxofourte-Akademie 2014

at BDB-Akademie Staufen, 21.-23. february

Tango affairs, october 2013 at Stadthalle Weißenhorn

Charity-Concert with the Polizeiorchester Bayern under the direction of Prof. Johann Mösenbichler,     june 2013 at Serenadenhof of Bayerische Musikakademie Hammelburg

"Barock aus den Fugen"

with Vox orange

28.04.13 at Tagungszentrum

and at Wallfahrtskirche St. Agatha at

Schmerlenbach (

Saxofourte-Akademie 2013

at the BDB-Akademie Staufen, 15. - 17. february

"Tango Affairs"-Concerts at Dinkelsbühl & Aalen, dec 2012

Saxofourte-Workshop at Balingen, nov 2012

Jubilee of the North Bavarian Confederation of Music Societies, Bamberg, oct 2012

"Barock aus den Fugen" with the Vokalensemble Vox orange, march/mai 2012

Concert with Luis Borda & Roman Bunka for the jubiliee of Zehntstadel Leipheim, feb 2012

Saxofourte-Akademie 2012 at the BDB-Akademie Staufen

Tango Affairs - Tour 2011

Impressions from Freiburg, Würzburg, Seligenstadt, Hamburg, Malans (CH) and Aschaffenburg

Concert "Barock aus den Fugen" with the vocal ensemble Vox Orange, Roggenburg 2011

Concert with the symphonic Wind Orchestra Vorspessart

12.11.2011 at the Stadthalle Aschaffenburg

Saxofourte-Workshop at Karlstein/Dettingen, Nov 2011

Opening Concert of the Spessart-Winter at Lohr, Sept 2011

Photos and Impressions of our weekend with Concert and Workshop at Lohr a. Main:


Robbe RONALDINE am Ball -

theatrical premier of our radio play the 12th september 2010

Bannoutah-Tour 2009

CD-Release-Concert at the Zehntstadel at Leipheim

with our guests: Peter Weniger (sax), Isak Roux (piano), Ivo Deininger (bass), Christoph Scherer (percussion) and Jürgen Schlachter (drums)

Once more thank you all very much! It was a great pleasure for us!

Impressions of other concerts from the tour

Workshop at Löffingen -

- a great day in april 2009...


Saxofourte through the years

1995 the beginning

with Thomas Sälzle, Dieter Kraus, Guntram Bumiller and Stefan Eger

1999 The Second Edition

with Thomas Sälzle, Dieter Kraus, Guntram Bumiller and Ralf Ritscher

2003 Millennium Edition:

with Thomas Sälzle, Dieter Kraus, Simon Hanrath, Ralf Ritscher

... and now

with Simon Hanrath, Daniela Wahler, Thomas Sälzle and Christoph Heeg