Press reviews

“.......they replace effortlessly and playfully a whole orchestra – each member is a talented soloist, yet through unbelievably precise teamwork they become an ensemble out of one cast....” “Saxophone times four is brilliant!”
(Memminger Kurier)

“… with this concert the chamber music series came to a buoyant grand finale. In addition to the usual well established classics, the ensemble welcomely ventured into the “cross-over” realm. Keep it up!! “Music in movement!”
(Frankfurter Rundschau)

“Like a big scream full of passion!”
(Sachsenheimer Zeitung)

“… At the end of this extraordinary concert we were treated to three tangos from Astor Piazzolla – expertly played, passionate and ecstatically felt. The thrilled audience clapped for a further two encores. Thank you also for the humorous moderation. A Saxophone concert par excellence!”
(Coburger Tagesblatt)

“A challenging program performed effortlessly: Laid back, but expertly played and full of fun – Saxofourte wins over its audience.”

About their CD “Bannoutah”, released in 2009:

“African music for saxophone quartet – this is what the cover of the new album by the successful quartet Saxofourte promises us... and it certainly upholds its promise of depicting this great, diverse and colorful continent. Composers from Egypt, Ghana and South Africa converge with the African impressions of visiting composers. Jazz harmonies combine with traditional African rhythms into a cocktail of pure delight.

Saxofourte catches the ear, not only with a rare and unusual program, but also with the warm beauty of its sound, its enthralling homogeneity, its invigorating wit and its audible love of the music. A special listening pleasure comes from the pieces that are recorded with several percussion instruments, such as the tinkling and rattling works by Egyptian composer and percussionist Mohamed Saad Basha. One of these works gives its title to the album – “Bannoutah”, which means “a young girl”.

With the CD “Bannoutah”, the four musicians of Saxofourte add another “must have” to their already impressive discography.

Only a trip to Africa could top it...

(Clarino.print, April 2009 issue)