Portrait Thomas

Thomas Sälzle

Soprano Saxophone

Thomas Sälzle grew up in Biberberg, a small village near Weißenhorn and Pfaffenhofen in the vicinity of Neu-Ulm – plainly said, somewhere in Bavaria – thereby making it to the substantial height of 1.80 meters, or approximately 5 feet and 10 inches. Consequently, he has taken on the top position in the quartet and picked out the smallest instrument, a logical choice for the tallest member. If you cannot follow this logic, then you probably haven't been involved with many Bavarians before. A conversation in high German with a Bavarian can still lead to some pretty unpredictable misunderstandings, and the fact that Thomas studied in Nuremberg, Franconia and Basel, Switzerland (!!) may complicate matters considerably with regard to a common high German rhetorical ground.

However patchy his rhetorical training might have been in these dialect-ridden places, from a musical stand-point, he greatly benefited from his studies with renowned saxophonists Günther Priesner und Iwan Roth who added the finishing touches to this accomplished musician. And thus it is on the soprano saxophone that Thomas now feels most at home.